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“I live by the Hippocratic Oath which states that patient conversations and records are confidential, that patients are sovereign over their bodies, and that doctors trust the words of their patients. As a doctor, I listen and strive to gain your trust, so that my recommendations are specifically impactful for your mind and body.”

Dr. Madhup Joshi


“Thanks to the free medical information Dr. Joshi gave me, I was able to ask my doctor appropriate questions about back surgery. Now I feel more confident talking to my doctor.”

“At Ask Dr. Joshi, I found new and comprehensive information about my medical condition that completely took care of the itching caused by my cancer.”

“I was too embarrassed to ask my doctor, but I needed advice about my digestive problem. I’m glad I asked Dr. Joshi. It was professional and completely anonymous.”

At Ask Dr. Joshi, you can:

  • Ask questions about your symptoms and obtain up-to-date free medical information
  • Get answers to your health questions and information about particular diseases • Educate yourself about your medical condition so you can make sound decisions on the type of medical care to seek
  • Learn what questions you might need to ask your doctor
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Once you have agreed to Ask Dr. Joshi Terms and Conditions, you may ask any medical question for free. Please remember that the Ask Dr. Joshi site is for informational purposes only. Any changes in your treatment should be initiated after you have discussed all your medical questions, symptoms, and conditions with your doctor. Let’s get started.

Ask Dr. Joshi does not charge you …

Ask Dr. Joshi does not charge you to access this free medical information website or to ask questions. Why?

  • You may have a routine question and are not sure it warrants a trip to the doctor.
  • You’re looking for free medical information on behalf of a loved one.
  • There’s so much conflicting information online that you need a medical professional to help you sift through it.
  • You’re being asked to make more decisions about your medical care and you find it confusing.
  • To Dr. Joshi, you’re an individual in need and you deserve sound, up-to-date medical information for free.