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Dr Madhup Joshi

Dr Madhup Joshi

Dr. Madhup Joshi graduated from the University of Kansas Medical School. He has practiced in California, Kansas, Illinois and Hawaii. He founded Ask Dr. Joshi because he enjoys diagnosing & treating individuals with unresolved chronic pain problems, such as headaches, facial & Jaw pain, especially TMJ problems, back, neck & shoulder pain, and pelvic pain. Dr. Joshi is comfortable blending Eastern & Western philosophies to help you return to Wellness.



Ask Dr. Joshi is a free medical information website that provides everyone an opportunity to contact a physician without charge. Lack of accurate medical information may cause unnecessary suffering, anxiety and worry—all of which can make one’s medical condition more difficult to bear. Providing access to up-to-date, accurate and free medical information is one way in which Dr. Joshi might be able to alleviate your worry about your medical condition. All questions which are submitted will be edited at Dr. Joshi’s discretion to make them comprehensible to the wider audience. Your name and email will not be published with your question. If you are concerned about your privacy, please avoid including information which might identify you.

“Physicians promote healing. Providing free medical information via the web offers me the opportunity to provide all individuals—regardless of their ability to pay—access to the accurate medical information they need.” Dr. Madhup Joshi


“When my mother became ill, I was scouring the web for information but there was so much out there that I couldn’t make sense of it. Ask Dr. Joshi was a quick and easy way to learn which questions I should ask her doctor.”